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Craft the Perfect Deck

Over 100 cards, powers, and spirits to wield against your enemies

Fight Epic Boss Battles

Tile based tactics and bullet hell patterns create engaging strategy and real-time excitement

Uncover Shadowy Stories and Secrets

Seek out uncanny characters to aid your journey, and gain glimpses of histories long forgotten, and maybe something more...

Meet Leah

An Iron Spirit forged by the death of her family.
An unstable wizard self-taught by ancient texts.
A weary pilgrim with one purpose left.

What will her Rage consume once unleashed?

There are no protesters here. No revolution. 

There is no voice in the desert, screaming for justice. No rising sun in the distance. Those wars were fought ages ago, by the great heroes of old. One by one, the king whispered quiet promises, and none resisted. 

Now there are only pilgrims. Pilgrims walking to the edge of the earth, and the end of the world. Pilgrims who will give their feeble lives as an offering, that maybe, just maybe, someone worthy will be able to reach the aged king, for one last chance.

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The King Calls All...

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